Sure it doesnt have the high specs

1 point submitted 1 month agoThanks so much! That gets me a lot closer, the diagram is extremely helpful. It looks like I missing a fuse holder as well according to the diagram, and the green/red wire connects to the negative lead on the battery. I think the other wire on the left (dirty white one) is for the stop light, which according to that diagram would be connected to one side of the fuse holder along with the r/w on the left, and then the other side of the fuse would connect to the r/w coming off of the rectifier the + from the battery.This might be a stupid question, but does it have enough gas? If it low but you can still hear gas sloshing in the tank you might need to turn the petcock upwards to the reserve setting.

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Point being: if OP was really trying to get the position and truly wanted it, showed up to interview whenever was convenient for them, etc. And he still wasn chosen for the job, he most likely would not have received any form of notification that he wasn chosen. They would cast him aside as an afterthought with no care about him whatsoever.

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Take an economic or accounting class to understand further. 15 min wage =increase prices everywhere else due to the power of the dollar decreasing. Its basic mathematics. She started her practice about a year and a half ago. We just moved here last Thursday. But unfortunately on that same day my father was told that he’d only have 12 hours to live due to sarcoma.